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social media marketing industry has developed an infographic, the Social Media Marketing Industry, that selects key data from Social Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry report. The Infographic covers the latest Social Media Trends, Social Media Challenges, Strategy of social media marketers and lot more.

sme industryreport2012

In my opinion, the top challenges are spot on. While our technologies continue to improve, companies are still struggling to fully leverage social media, find influencers, measure return on investment, build audiences, and develop methodologies that don’t require so many resources. The fact is that the benefits of social media are incredible, but the effort required to get those results continues to be understated by an industry that continues to sell itself and set expectations very high.

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    Hi Douglas,

    Nice infographic. Finding your target audience is really very important, social media is not a question of raw numbers. Much more important is getting real interaction with your target audience.

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    Always focus your message on the needs of your ideal profile of client
    or customer and never be afraid of alienating those who have zero intention of
    using your services. They may make the numbers look good, but they are of
    no value to your business. In fact, if you pay for your blog’s bandwidth
    by the gigabyte or you pay a per reader fee for your newsletter emailing
    service, the freebie hunters are wasting both your money and your time.

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