What Social Media Means for Your Marketing

social media marketing

Are we still trying to talk you into a social media strategy? I really hope not – the numbers are there and have been proven. If your company hasn't taken advantage of social media, your competitors surely have. I'm not stating that social media is everything that the gurus promised it to be – return on investment is still a difficult thing to track and measure. But it has brought about easier methodologies to communicate with and about companies and their brands and services. Not a day goes by in my network where people aren't asking for recommendations or posing problems that your company could be responding to. Be there!

This infographic from Wikimotive walks you through some significant statistics associated with marketing and social media. Wikimotive's mission is to provide comprehensive online marketing solutions to auto dealerships and businesses of all sizes.


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    wow some of those facts I did not know, like that Pinterest bring in 27% more revenue per click then Facebook. Social media is a great tool if using it right and the problem is most don’t know how to use it properly. We do our best to help companies understand how to do it right.

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