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Social Networks by the Numbers

Yesterday, we displayed a beautiful Infographic on the History of Social Networking. Today, we’ve got another fantastic Infographic – The Current State of Social Networks. It’s an in-depth global view of social networks by size, demographic, and growth – providing some insight into whether or not the we’ve reached a saturation point. This infographic is courtesy of Ignite Social Media.

One chart that might give the wrong impression is Ning, who changed its business model from free to paid networks. Of course they were going to lose quite a few people in the move – but are actually growing nicely in 2011 as a Software as a Service social network provider.

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    Definitely an interesting infographic, but there were no numbers anywhere! Great to know that Plaxo is the place where the oldest demographic is involved, but it would have been more useful with some hard numbers in there.

    Thanks for sharing Doug

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