How We Use Social Tools in the Workplace

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In a study from Microsoft on Social Tools Usage and Perceptions in the Enterprise, it appears that they’ve uncovered yet more evidence that women are much smarter than men.

Men are more likely than women to say these restrictions are due to security concerns, while women are more likely to blame productivity loss.

Ugh. It’s so unfortunate that, after all this time, we still have some people in the work place disabling the ability for employees to collaborate, research and improve their productivity. Not recognizing the fact that, through social networks, you have access to peers, professionals, vendors and experts is nothing short of shameful nowadays. And unless you have employees that have to leave their smartphones in their car, they have access to social media. If they’re abusing it, the answer isn’t to block everyone’s access… the answer is to fire the employee.


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    Douglas, this was a great! I was looking for posts with a social media spin for my weekly 4 HR Blog Posts (my favorites of the week) and will certainly include this one. Thanks for sharing the info.

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