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The Case for Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is changing not only how people communicate with each other, but how they live, work and shop.

As you may already know, the growth of mobile device use has spread like wildfire in recent years. Experts believe the number of mobile devices will reach 7.3 billion by 2014, confirming there’s a mobile revolution underway. For marketers, it’s fight or flight: you either embrace mobility and adapt your online strategy to fit a multi-screen world, or surrender your weapons and suffer a slow, but sure demise.

According to Mashable, 2013 is “the year of responsive website design,” further driving the need for websites and apps to be optimized for any and all screen sizes. With 90% of people using multiple screens sequentially, and 67% of shoppers starting on one device and completing their purchase on another, the need for a fluid experience is vital.

Here’s a full look at the data via Get Satisfaction:

Mobile Customer Experience

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