The Ecosystem of Lifecycle Marketing

Marketing Lifecycle Infographic Preview

Paying attention to lifecycle marketing is crucial in today’s marketplace, which is why I was thrilled to work with my client, Right On Interactive, in designing and creating an infographic about this very topic. The infographic covers everything from lead generation to marketing automation to conversion, as well as addressing the challenges and future in this space.

Since marketing automation is less than 10 years old, we are still learning about the industry and how it can be used to reach our marketing goals. This infographic emphasizes the fact that we are experiencing rapid growth in this field, and we need to have processes in place to reach prospects and customers via multiple touch points. But it also proves that things are changing rapidly.

How do you think marketing automation and lifecycle marketing will change over the next year? The next 5 years?

Lifecycle Marketing Infographic


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    Thanks for sharing, guys! It was a pleasure working with you all to pull this infographic together. I think our research for this visualization was incredibly revealing. The marketing technology space is evolving at an amazing rate – I can say from firsthand experience that marketing automation solutions coupled with new marketing strategies are the new necessities for an organization. I just read this morning from the Sirius Decisions blog that the number of B2B companies using marketing automation is growing fast, with them estimating that the number will increase by 50% by 2015. Talk about exponential growth.

    For those of you out there considering implementing a solution for the first time, here’s my most important piece of advice: make sure you have a strong partner with a comfortable level of services included in the deal. The success of using a marketing automation solution is absolutely dependent upon proper implementation and utilization – and it’s much easier the first time around.

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