‘Tis the Season to Work

We recently posted email best practices for the holiday season, an infographic with advice from Delivra, an email marketing company. Xobni, a very cool inbox productivity tool, has released this depressing infographic on how many of us will work and even check email through the holidays.

A whopping 79% of U.S. working adults say they receive work email on traditional holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.; and 68% with email admitted to checking it. From the Study

Sadly, 41% of people that admitted to checking email because they believe doing so would ease the work load once they return from the “break”. Hmmm… I think that’s every Sunday evening for me.

So if you want to be heard, perhaps an email going out on a holiday stands a better chance of being opened! Be careful, though… 37% of people surveyed admitted to feeling annoyed, frustrated or resentful after receiving work-related emails on holidays. I know this – don’t send one to me! 🙂

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