The Ultimate Email Marketing Cheatsheet

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There are many strategies and habits to choose from when thinking about your approach to email and content marketing. Many top-performing email marketers exercise distinct tactics like strategy, timing, testing, and overall design optimization, but what tactic delivers the best results? Which should you focus on more than another?

With average performers spending most of their time on creative development (23%) versus top performers dedicating more of their overall time to strategy (22%), it’s clear that delivery can matter as much as—if not more than—the content you’re providing.

Consider, for instance, that 72% of all marketers test their emails’ subject lines before sending to their distribution lists, while only 15% test the emails’ mobile layout and image display. In light of the fact that 75% of smartphone owners are “highly likely” to delete emails they can’t read easily on their phones, failing to consider the benefit of optimizing for mobile can result in huge losses within individual campaigns, not to mention across an overall brand strategy.

This is just one of many aspects to consider when looking to improve your email marketing performance. Luckily, Marketo has put together a handy “email cheatsheet” for us to reference in the hopes of improving and fine-tuning our email strategy:

Email Cheatsheet