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What Works for Social Sharing

Our content marketing platform client, gathered data across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see what works best for social sharing in terms of time, day of the week, and what to say. While a lot of these findings are not surprising, I was particularly intrigued by the differences between Twitter and LinkedIn. As the infographic shows, using exclamation results in high click-throughs for LinkedIn, but it does the opposite for Twitter. Furthermore, using a number in a tweet results in 50% more click-throughs, but it has no real effect if used in a LinkedIn status update.

How did Compendium compile all this research? They actually did their own study, which has been made into The B2B & B2C Guide to Social Sharing, now available for download.

What did you find most surprising about the research found in this infographic?

B2B and B2C social sharing infographic

Jenn Lisak Golding

Jenn Lisak Golding is President and CEO of Sapphire Strategy, a digital agency that blends rich data with experienced-back intuition to help B2B brands win more customers and multiply their marketing ROI. An award-winning strategist, Jenn developed the Sapphire Lifecycle Model: an evidence-based audit tool and blueprint for high-performing marketing investments.

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