Why Infographics Are A Core of Any SEO Strategy

infographics for seo

While we’ve modified the content strategies of our clients to better engage their audience and adapt to Google’s continued improvement of search results, one strategy we’ve not abandoned is building out infographics for our clients. In fact, we’re going deeper… developing micrographics and animated socialgraphics for them. The fact is that there’s simply not much of a better piece of content – sharable, simple, informational, and beautiful. It’s no wonder 78% of CMOs feel that custom content are the future of content marketing and infographics are at the center of this.

Infographics are Liked and shared 3-times more than other types of content

SerpLogic has put together this infographic, Why Infographics Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy, and include a 6-step approach to creating a successful infographic:

  1. Identify a topic that your target audience will be interested in. I would highly recommend it’s not just something of interest, but a topic that gets your company viewed as an authority in the space once published.
  2. Choose the type of infographic, including static, motion, or interactive infographics or combinations there of. We love publishing micrographics and socialgraphics that drive attention back to a full infographic.
  3. Source the content and data points for the infographic. Primary and secondary research will help you build trust with your audience. Verify the data is both current and reputable.
  4. Create a design that’s both effective and eye-appealing. This is honestly where we see most infographic designers miss the mark. A beautiful design may catch the eye, but it’s the ability of the designer to visually display the story that wins over your audience.
  5. Establish a Promotional Strategy. Post on your blog, share across social media outlets, initiate outreach campaigns, write for niche-relevant blogs, and use paid social and search advertising to extend your reach to targeted audiences.
  6. Identify Additional Promotional Partners. Utilize your PR team to develop an earned strategy that drives a ton more attention to the investment you’ve made.

While I love the infographic, I think they lost track of the most important factor… the call-to-action! Your infographic is going to drive authority and get shared within a relevant audience. As a result, you should have a compelling CTA a the base of your infographic that expands on the topic and initiates engagement with you or your company. Don’t be shy – let people know what you can accomplish for them.

Infographic SEO Strategy

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