The History of Web and Social Analytics

Reading Time: < 1 minute We love infographics… and if you haven’t noticed, we now have a category just for the Infographics (along with its own feed). We love infographics so much that we’ve started to develop our own as well as some for our partners and clients. This one was developed for our client, Webtrends, and provides a history of social media analytics and web analytics. If you’d like to share this Infographic on your site, you have our

Answer on Twitter and They Will Purchase

Reading Time: < 1 minute InboxQ recently surveyed 1,825 Twitter Users to observe their behavior on how they ask questions and receive answers on Twitter. On a personal note, I utilize Twitter quite a bit to find answers. In fact, I typically get faster, more accurate answers via Twitter than I do from Google! There’s one statistic that should catch everyone’s eye on this Infographic… people fully admit that they are more likely to follow (59%) or even make a

Social Media Timing

Reading Time: < 1 minute Some very intriguing stats on social media timing from @danzarrela, put into a beautiful infographic by the folks at Kissmetrics. Utilizing techniques to schedule your social media engagement can maximize the exposure your content will get in social networks. Included are stats for Facebook and Twitter on what days and times are best to maximize the audience size and the possibility that your content will be both found and shared.

Social Media Usage by US Region

Reading Time: < 1 minute While Silicon Valley, New York and Chicago may be the hot-beds of technology, media and advertising, a new survey shows that small and mid-sized businesses in the Great Plains and Southeast are leading the nation in social media adoption. Looking at the national findings, 75% of respondents say their business does not currently have branded social media sites. Do these findings allude to a shift in early adopters to the middle of the nation? Conducted

10 Social Media Habits for B2B Marketing

Reading Time: < 1 minute In August, Softchoice sent a survey to their customers and received 1,444 completed responses representing more than 1,200 small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), enterprise, public sector and educational organizations. 71% of respondents were in IT and the sample was basically 50 percent U.S. and 50 percent Canadian organizations – so very representative of the North American business landscape. One aspect of the presentation that should scream out is the Wordle representation of the remarks: Relevant