Do Colors Impact Online Purchase Behavior?

Here’s a fascinating infographic from KISSmetrics on color and its impact on purchasing decisions. Keeping this in mind, Nick’s recent post on utilizing cookies to provide a different experience to a visitor rather than a customer could come in handy… perhaps your site could change stylesheets and move from a black layout (impulse) to a pink layout… or if you’re running a special, a blue layout!

Corporate Blogging: The Infographic

It was great bumping into John Uhri of Red Bit Blue Bit at Blog Indiana, this year. John does a really cool thing – rather than writing typical notes during discussions, he draws creative informational graphics (an infographic). So, here’s a great infographic of Corporate Blogging for Dummies he did after reading through the book (click to download the full size)! Thanks John! It’s great to see a visualization like this since it definitely compares

What is an Infographic?

Infographics have been around for a while but have recently become all the rage. With sites like Digg dying, marketers who want to get a deluge of traffic to their site are incorporating informative graphics that tell a great story. For a couple of thousand dollars, you can hire an infographic company to generate a high resolution informative display that visually explains a problem. The Infographic company will do the research and the design. Some

Effective #Twitter #Marketing with #Hashtags

No, this isn’t one of those annoying Get more followers campaigns to artificially inflate your following on Twitter with irrelevant followers. This is how to effectively increase your voice on Twitter so that your tweets are found by relevant audiences who aren’t following you. The answer is called a hashtag. There are tons of people and programs searching Twitter right now for real-time news and events that search for hashtags. A hashtag is the pound