InPowered: Promote Third-Party Trusted Content

As content marketers write their own content on their own sites, there’s always the issue of trust. Of course you’re going to promote your brand, products and services as the best. Alternatively, when third-party trusted sites write about your brand, product and service – that content is naturally trusted more since the author doesn’t have a financial interest in the company (hopefully). The author is writing the content as an honest review and putting their own reputation on the line.

Many years ago, a good friend of mine told me a trick to their paid marketing efforts. They didn’t promote their own content, they promoted great articles and reviews from other sites about them because it converted better. This is the same methodology that InPowered is employing.

InPowered enables brand and corporate marketers to get trusted content discovered when they are written about on third-party sites. They provide a free dashboard to search and find the content, promote it through their own channels, or pay to promote it through native social media marketing channels.

Last week I spoke to CEO, Peyman Nilforoush, about the change and they’re quite excited.

Too many content marketing vendors ask companies to start paying up front, before the company knows what impact the service will have on business metrics. At inPowered, we’re introducing a fundamentally different approach where everyone can utilize our free content discovery and amplification platform and see real results, then they can upgrade to paid amplification services, if they choose, for greater impact. Finding quality, credible information on the topics your customers are interested in should not be something you have to pay for – that’s something that everyone has a basic right to. Today, we’re making that accessible to all.

There are now two portions of the inPowered platform

  1. Free Amplification – inPowered’s content discovery and amplification platform enables marketers, PR professionals and social media strategists to search for brands, products or topics and then discover and share the most trusted content to their fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. Paid Amplification – inPowered identifies the most engaging articles written about a brand, and then enables marketers to pay to promote that trusted content as native ads via inPowered’s targeted distribution. This enables brands to educate and shape consumer perception with trusted content that resonates far better than branded ads.

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