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Insert was designed so mobile app campaigns could be executed by marketers without the need for mobile app development. The platform has a wide array of engagement features that can be easily inserted, updated, and managed. The array of features are built for marketers and product teams to personalize the user journey, trigger anytime, increase engagement, and measure and analyze the app’s performance. The apps are native to iOS and Android.

The features are broken down into eight functional areas, including Guide, Communicate, Refine, Convert, Engage, Acquire, Understand and Invent. The following are the feature descriptions from the Insert Product Guide.

Insert Mobile App Catalog

Guide inserts help you successfully onboard new users and expose existing ones to additional features and capabilities.

  • App Walkthrough – Optimize your users’ first-time app experience. Make sure they understand the app’s value by showcasing the app’s main features using a carousel that appears when the user first opens the app.
  • Highlight App Area – Direct users’ attention to a specific app area by “highlighting” this area with an explanatory text. Great for onboarding, or to drive use of new features.
  • Mobile Tooltip – Provide a mobile tooltip that explains a button or feature, with text that points to that specific app element, feature or call-to-action.
  • Suggest App Feature – In the right context, suggest to users they use a specific app feature and take them directly to the relevant app screen, using a deep link.

Communications inserts create targeted conversations with users by sending the message at the right time, triggered by a specific use of the app, by the user’s history or real-time app activity and more, and can be targeted to increase the user’s engagement with the message.

Insert Mobile App Campaign

  • In-app message – In-app messages inform the user, and can be accompanied with a link or deeplink, driving immediate action. Messages typically include an image and a call-to-action button which can lead the user to a specific app screen.
  • Interstitial – Interstitials are full-screen clickable images that are activated between screens, after one screen and before the next.
  • Video message – Users love video, and video messages are a great way to communicate a more ’emotional’ or complicated message that goes beyond the standard informational note.
  • Banner – Unlike an interstitial, banners are smaller clickable images that can be presented on different areas of the screen. By adding a bottom banner to your app, you can communicate with your users without disrupting their app use, since the banner doesn’t prevent them from using the app.

Refine enables brands to make contextual changes to the app to drive engagement, by modifying the app’s text, images or themes.

  • Modify Text – Have a typo or want to A/B test several text options? Want to change app texts for a special occasion or holiday? Want to change texts once a user had completed a certain action on the app? Mark the text you want to replace on the app’s screen, replace it with the new text and you’re good to go.
  • Modify Image – Change app images to fix app issues or to see what images drive better engagement. Super simple no-coding, even when image changes are triggered only for a certain context, certain audiences or timing.
  • Modify Theme – Change the app to provide seasonal themes, such as holidays or back to school messages.

Conversion inserts were made to create a buying intent and to ensure it ends in an actual purchase. They create an intent to buy, while timing the use of cart reminders can redirect users to resume purchases that were abandoned.

Insert Mobile App Audience

  • Coupon – To inform potential buyers of what’s on offer and why they should purchase now, you can display an actionable offer with a coupon. Clicking on it takes users to the relevant app screen or opens a browser.
  • Cart reminder (push) – When users still have items in their cart, get them to return and complete the purchase with a personalized notification that deep links to the app’s cart screen.
  • In-app Message – in app message inserts can be used to remind users of their abandoned shopping cart the next time they launch the app.
  • Landing Page – easily create customized landing pages within their app, ensuring that customers arrive from personalized push notifications, ads, social media or emails to personalized landing pages that are optimized for maximum conversions.
  • Interstitial – Interstitials are full-screen clickable images that are activated between screens, after one screen and before the next. They direct users to an app screen or web page and are typically used to convey time-sensitive information such as today’s sale, promotion etc.

Engage – Target inserts and trigger them, even with complex workflows.

Insert Mobile App Personalization

  • Re-engage dormant users – Re-engage dormant users by using special limited time offers, targeted messages and more. Define and segment dormant users and target different offerings for each segment.
  • Welcome Dormant Users – Define who your power users are, based on their usage patterns and more, and show your appreciation with special offers, discounts, accessibility or promotions.
  • Version upgrade – Create an in-app notification message that informs users of the availability of a new app version, linking to it.

Acquire – Acquisition inserts grow the app’s user base through better app ratings or app cross-promotion. This category requires the app owner to experiment with the right timing, so that users receive acquisition inserts that won’t circumvent their use of the app.

Insert Mobile App Dashboard

  • Sample Acquisition Inserts – Use this insert to prompt users to share the app or its content in social media.
  • Cross promotion – Cross-promote other apps, by suggesting them to the app’s users.
  • Rate app – Ask users for an app rating at the right time – when they’ve had a good mobile experience – and without interrupting them. We recommend selecting your app’s power users, since they are more likely to grant a high rating.

Understand – Getting the right answers to questions about user preferences, characteristics or feedback is a crucial element of mobile app engagement. This category includes survey, analytics and support inserts.

Insert Mobile App Survey

  • Sample Understand Inserts – Connect with your users to get real-time feedback on new app features, app value, personal preferences, and any other topic, using a single-question survey.
  • Multiple question survey – A survey with multiple questions can be presented in single screen or with a slider.
  • Export to google analytics – This insert lets you mark the event you’d like to track on the screen, using our web interface, and have analytics about that event sent in real time to your Google Analytics account.

Invent enables brands to create custom inserts using any HTML content, to show anywhere in your app, with the same abilities to trigger inserts within the app’s context, user interface and to target certain audiences.

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