Including Instagram Photos Increased Email Engagement 7x


In The State of Visual Commerce, a study conducted by Curalate and the Internet Marketing Association, just 8% of marketers strongly believed they were effectively using images to drive email engagement.

76% of emails include social media buttons but only 14% of emails include social images.

The original promise of social media was the ability for brands to create a more personable relationship with their customers. This makes companies both approachable and trustworthy. Compound that fact with the explosive growth of imagery in social media, and it's no surprise that combining social media and imagery is powerful. Add this to push messaging to your customers, and you just might be onto something!

When you look at brands that have begun to use Instagram images within emails, the benefits are clear. One fitness retailer, for instance, delivered a 7X lift in engagement with product photos on their website just 24 hours after sending their first Instagram-infused email.

Instagram and Email

Curalate and Movable Ink created the following infographic, Instagram + Email: A Modern Day Romance.

Email and Instagram

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