Optimizing Your Content Internationally


microearth1You might not worry whether or not your audience is International at this point, but it may be something you might want to take a closer look at. International growth on the web is skyrocketing and can be a fantastic resource for your company to expand its business. Three of our clients are marketing internationally and we have been working to identify search engine best practices. Here’s some findings:

  • gShiftLabs is a tool for monitoring SEO domestically and internationally.
  • In an ideal situation, to rank well in a specific country you should have reflective ccTLDs by country (.co.uk, .fr, .de, etc.) that are hosted in the native country. If that is not an option, use subdomains for each language, such as se.domain.com, de.domain.com etc.
  • Set up multiple Webmaster Tools accounts for each ccTLD or subdomain.
  • Be sure to indicate the language in the section.
  • Attract links from that specific country.
  • Google advice on hosting within the country. A foreign DNS may help if you can’t host internationally.
  • If you have a foreign office, be sure to highlight that office on the applicable site.
  • Don’t rely on automated translation. If you truly wish to reach an international audience, hire international voices to translate your content.

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