The Only Truly Global Email Service Provider

NOTE: Emailvision is now part of SmartFocus.

While it’s true that our hometown heroes, ExactTarget, are now expanded into the United Kingdom and Australia, they’re still fairly limited to English-speaking countries. Earlier this year, we had the incredible opportunity to meet the talented leadership team of Emailvision.

Centered in Clichy, France (just outside of Paris), Emailvision may truly be the only global email service provider. Their user interface can be run in US English, UK English, French, Dutch, Dutch (Nederlands), Spanish, Greek, Russian, Swedish and Italian. They are now live with beta testing Chinese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Brazilian Portugese and Danish!

Hispanic Email Service Provider

Wow. Not only is that impressive, Emailvision has done the impossible and added native support in those languages as well, with offices throughout the world and technical support representatives recruited for their natural, multi-lingual capabilities. This could be huge in the United States where hispanic growth is double-digit online with hispanic agencies in virtually every major city.

Emailvision has competitive pricing and outstanding deliverability. They’ve scaled their architecture and have robust transactional send and bulk sending systems with a robust REST API. Emailvision was listed in Forrester’s most recent review of top Email Service Providers. These folks are primed for growth in the United States!

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