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Introhive: Plan, Sell and Retain with Social Selling

Introhive provides an enterprise-view of relationships with customer and prospects to make data driven decisions and actions to improve the sales process. Introhive connects with email, social accounts, and mobile data to collect, score and provide actionable data to increase sales for prospects and customers.

Introhive provides the platform necessary to

  • Plan – identify, assign and evaluate your sales rep connections by company, industry and role.
  • Sell – introduce sales reps via current relationships to their target accounts. Integrate with marketing automation platforms to score and prioritize.
  • Retain – identify at-risk accounts based on reports that show relationship strength over time for any customer.
  • Customize – integrate and tune your scoring to customize relationship scores.
  • Salesforce brings all of Introhive’s rich data and scores into Salesforce accounts, contacts, and leads.

Introhive is a SaaS application available in any web browser and there are custom apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

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