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InVideo Social Media Video Templates and Editor

Both podcasting and video are amazing opportunities to interact with your audience in a far more engaging and entertaining manner, but the creative and editing skills needed can be far outside most businesses’ means – not to mention the time and expense.

InVideo has all of the features of a basic video editor, but with the added features of collaboration and existing templates and resources. InVideo has over 4,000 pre-made video templates and millions of assets (images, audio, and video clips) that you can easily edit, update, and download to assist you in creating professional intros, outros, video ads, or entire videos to use for social media.

InVideo Video Editor

InVideo is purpose built for businesses, marketing professionals, and sales professionals to easily create and publish their videos. The platform enables you to customize your account with your design style and use cases so those templates are prioritized.

You can also customize your account with your logo, fonts, and primary colors so that they’re easily applied to your templates. On each video, you can incorporate your own voiceover, video, audio, or images that you’d like to incorporate – so you’re not limited to their templates or library of assets.

You can also connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts and publish directly from their interface once you review and approve the finalized video.

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Article to Video Editing

One fantastic tool they have is the ability to copy or paste text, or even scrape text from an article. So, if you want to create short, concise videos that incorporate key points from your article to promote via social media.

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Build Listicle Videos

One great use of this is making listicle videos… which are quite popular via social media. I was able to build this video in about 10 minutes, uploading my own screenshots and utilizing one of InVideo’s many Listicle templates:

The Storyboard interface for creating stories or listicles is intuitive and easy to use. You can even paste in your script and have it autogenerated based on the template!

InVideo Storyboard / Listicle Video Editor

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Intro and Outro Videos with Logo Reveal Templates

Today, I was able to edit and design a small animated logo reveal for my Martech Zone videos using an InVideo logo reveal template:

I was able to modify the fonts, the timelines of each element, and the animation to design a pretty sweet video that I can now append to all the videos that I’m publishing to Youtube!

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How to Create A Video From an InVideo Template

  1. The user interface to kick off your video is incredibly simple… select a pre-made template, a text-to-video template, or just start with a blank canvas.
  2. If you’re looking for a template, just enter a few keywords to search for one. You can click and play each one in the results to find the template you wish to start with.
  3. Select the dimensions of the video – wide (16:9), square (1:1) or vertical (9:16).
  4. Make your choice, customize the video, and then you can download it or publish it directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

If you want to customize the video further, here’s a great walk-through of the platform’s options. There really aren’t any limitations at all!

If you want to customize the video further, here’s a great walk-through of the platform’s options. There really aren’t any limitations at all! And… you won’t believe the price of the platform… it’s incredible.

Oh… and since you’re a Martech Zone reader, you’ll get another 25% off when you use my link:

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Disclaimer: I am an InVideo affiliate (and customer) and I’m using my link throughout this article.


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