Onswipe: Making Your Site iPad Optimized


We’ve been working on our own iPad theme for some time now but haven’t really had the time to get it live with all the client work we have. Rather than ignore the continued increases in traffic we’re getting via iPad and other tablets, I went back to utilizing Onswipe to serve up our content.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Onswipe had added quite a few more template designs… after a few minutes of testing each with different fonts, I’ve republished our blog using Onswipe. Here’s a category view of our Mobile Marketing category:

Some tips and tricks to using OnSwipe:

  1. We publish our featured image on each of our single post pages and hide it using CSS. We did this so that people sharing our content with various site crawlers always had a nice image to display with the post details. This is done in addition to using OpenGraph and Schema microdata for generating rich snippets. This seems to help with OnSwipe as well – they’re finding images for every single post!
  2. Rather than just use our main blog URL, I add each category as an independent WordPress blog within OnSwipe in the content section. This generates a nice list of categories within the OnSwipe interface when someone clicks on the sections button.
  3. Since we also provide some great links via our Twitter account, I added that as a content source as well!

OnSwipe also allows you to add your Google Analytics account, customize your icons, and set fonts throughout the iPad version. I’m having a tough time getting it to update some settings and have an email in with their support team, but it’s starting to come together nicely.

If you’re reading this on an iPad and can’t see the iPad version, just click here to get there. We’re still working out some kinks with the site caching!

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