iPerceptions: The Voice of Customer Platform


Voice of Customer (VoC) is collective insight into customer needs, wants, perceptions, and preferences gained through direct and indirect questioning. While traditional web analytics tells us what the visitor is doing on your site, VoC analysis answers WHY customers take the actions they do online.

iPerceptions is an active research platform that utilizes intercept technologies on multiple touch points, including desktop, mobile and tablet. iPerceptions assists companies to design, collect, integrate and analyze their VoC data.

iPerceptions integrates VoC data with web analytics data like Google Analytics, allowing you to:

  • Track satisfaction rates for specific visitor groups and better evaluate landing pages, exit pages, search keywords, traffic sources and campaigns.
  • Measure conversion rates against task completion rates to gain a better understanding of the conversion cycle.Compare satisfaction rates by time on site, pages visited, sections visited and geographic region.
  • Examine time on site by task completion to distinguish between visitors struggling to find information and those positively engaged on the site.Get open-text, real textual opinions and feedback of users linked to the behavioral analysis.

iPerceptions supports 32 languages and is customizable to your brand.

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