Top 10 Must Have iPhone Photo Apps

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I’m not a great photographer and running a professional camera is way over my head, so I cheat quite a bit by using my iPhone and some favorite applications. From a marketing aspect, providing a picture directly into the work we’re doing, the places we’re visiting, and the lives we’re living adds a level of transparency that our clients and followers enjoy.

To engage with our community, photos have been key. I’d encourage every company to have their employees share! Here’s a breakdown of my favorite iPhone applications.


Yes, I know that camera comes with iOS but the option to take a panoramic image is amazing. To take a panoramic photo, click the options button when your camera is open. This is a photo I took at a concert I went to recently.
last vegas


No other photo application makes it so simple to share images socially. I love that I can push a photo directly to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare directly from Instagram rather than hunting and finding the photos with the other apps. The built in ability to apply filters and blurs can make you look like a pro!

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There are some features that the basic camera doesn’t allow that are interesting, like adding a timer and taking a photo. Camera+ has some incredible tools to help you filter, focus and add clarity to the photos you’re taking, as well as the ability to straighten them out. It’s a pro toolset built for the amateur!

camera pl photo

Grid Lens

Grid Lens allows you to take collections of photos and put them together in a single image. You can select and customize a layout, then take each of the photos by clicking on the spot, and then save, share or email the finished product. This makes sharing a little collection simple and easy!



ColorSplash allows you to remove color from portions of a photo you’ve taken. The app is incredibly easy to use – just expand the photo and drag your finger where you want to wipe away the color. The finished image can really look amazing – this is one of my son and his girlfriend dancing.



Did you ever have a photo that begged a caption? That’s what Over is for… providing a really cool navigation wheel that allows you to add a fancy caption to your photo in a minutes.



Snapseed offers some interesting filters and standard editing tools for your image. The finite controls are impressive and the usability is pretty innovative.



Blender does just what it says… allowing the ability to blend multiple images together. Here’s a blend of Chicago… driving into the city and looking down at it.



Recommended by Nat Finn, I didn’t even realize that Aviary had iOS applications. The irony is that I’m enjoying the iPhone application much better than the web version! Aviary has a ton of features, but also has stickers that can be used to add callouts (or moustaches) to your image.

king douglas

Photoshop Express for iPhone

Another recommendation from Nat and one that I should have included… Photoshop Express. The professional editing that you can achieve with Photoshop Express may be available in some of the other tools above, but the ease of use is awesome. Add filters, frames and effects for a bit more and you’ve really got a great photo editing suite.


Do you have any other iPhone apps that are great to use?


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    Aviary. It’s all about the meme maker. And it’s got blur and retouching tools but the real cool thing about it is that it’s got syndication. Facebook, twitter, flicker…at one time. Almost as cool as Instagram’s

    Now, the first of those to let me syndicate to Facebook pages ad google plus WINS!

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    Instafusion Top iPad Photo-Editing Apps !!! Instafusion is Best Photo Editing Apps and Awesome Apps to Edit Photographs on iPhone!!!

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