Is Blogging Still Relevant? Or An Outdated Technology and Strategy?

Is Blogging Still Relevant?

I often review this site’s search performance and old articles that aren’t attracting traffic. One of my articles was about naming your blog. Let’s forget that I’ve been writing this publication that long… as I read the old post I wondered if the term blog even really mattered anymore. After all, it’d been 16 years since I’d written the post on naming your blog and 12 years since I wrote my book on corporate blogging.

And my site has gone through several iterations… from home-made script, to hosting on Blogger, to self-hosted, and several brand changes. Each time, the changes were made as I looked to the future. Martech Zone was strategic. The term Martech had grown into general acceptance and was my primary focus… so I wanted to win searches related to the term Martech Blog alongside my peers.

But when I describe Martech Zone today, I don’t use the terms post or blog anymore. I refer to these as articles and the site as a publication. Conversely – as I help companies – I still do research for them on executing a great content strategy and virtually every business I assist still utilizes a blog to publish helpful news, how-to articles, research, and other information to help potential and existing customers research their next purchase decision.

Is Blog An Outdated Term?

If you look at Google Trends over the years, you’d probably think we’ve jumped the shark on the term blog, which peaked in 2009 for searches:

Google Trends: Keyword "Blog"

If you’ve been around blogging all of these years, you may come to the conclusion that blogging simply isn’t as important today as it was over a decade ago. You may be tempted to avoid the term blog as you deploy your own corporate content strategy.

But… this could be a huge mistake on your part and I’ll explain why.

While searches for blogs peaked in 2009, 13 years later and it’s still a huge volume of searches. For those of us in the industry that feel as though it’s an older strategy, what has really happened is that it’s a term that’s settled into our everyday lexicon.

Searches for Blog-Related Keywords

If you’ve ever utilized Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool, you’ve been amazed at the volume of data it provides related to keywords and their associated phrases. As I researched the term blog, I was surprised to see that there are still over 9.5 million searches across 1.7 million blog-related searches every month in the United States.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool for Blog

Here are some of the top-related terms:

  • Travel blog-related searches produce over 299,000 searches every month.
  • Lifestyle blog-related searches produce over 186,000 searches every month.
  • Food blog-related searches produce over 167,000 searches every month.
  • Dog blog-related searches produce over 143,000 searches every month.
  • Fashion blog-related searches produce over 133,000 searches every month. Side note… this is why we designed and developed a fashion blog for our client who has a site where you can buy dresses online.

Even volumes related to starting a blog are still significant, generating over 137,000 searches per month. What is a blog? still has over 18,000 searches every month. Not to mention that every major e-commerce or content management system (CMS) now incorporates blogs.

Yes, Blogs Are Still Important

You’ll probably want to do the research for your own niche to understand whether building out a corporate blog strategy will provide the return on investment for your company. I believe buyers who are researching a brand, a product, or a service expect corporations to have a blog. They want to understand whether or not you’re a fit for them, whether you understand their industry, and whether you are making the investment to support your clients.

And I believe it’s absolutely okay to call it a blog!

As a side note, I do believe content development has changed significantly over the year. Rather than dozens of short articles, I now encourage clients to develop a content library and work hard to develop in-depth articles that don’t overlap and provide a ton of value to visitors.

Need assistance on developing a blog and content strategy for your brand? Don’t hesitate to reach out to my firm, Highbridge. We have helped dozens of companies deploy corporate blogging strategies that drive revenue. I’d be happy to even run a report for you on your industry at no cost.

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Semrush (and a happy client) and I’m using my affiliate links for their Keyword Magic Tool in this post.


  1. 1

    Didn’t the spike coincide with the Seth Godin mention? (Congrats on that BTW). I know he didn’t link to the site, but I would assume a handful of people would do a search on your name. Does Analytics show this at all? Just curious….

  2. 2

    I did get 27 hits off of searches for doug+karr that very day, but nothing since. I’m utilizing Google Analytics. I’d highly recommend signing up, it’s especially useful if you’re trying to track and grow your blog readership. As well, if you have WordPress, it’s just matter of copying the script into your theme footer. Very simple to get up and running!

  3. 3

    Hi Doug,
    I’m always interested in some basic research of marketing changes. This is now about a month old. What has been the medium term effect of your blog re-branding?
    I’d be interested in an updated GoogleAnalytics chart (may be two with about six weeks coverage), just to see if the effect did wear off after a while and also, did others link to your new name with the same link-text (allinurl:…).
    I hope you will publish a follow up.

  4. 4

    Hi Kaj,

    I will definitely keep you posted and will publish a follow-up. I’ve instituted a number of changes to the site on a regular basis. I did not count on the popularity of this particular blog entry, though. The kind folks from Naked Conversations took interest as well. I’m afraid that will drive my numbers up to a point where the other effects may not appear to make a difference. It’s a nice problem to have, though!


  5. 5

    I?d be interested in an updated GoogleAnalytics chart (may be two with about six weeks coverage), just to see if the effect did wear off after a while and also, did others link to your new name with the same link-text (allinurl:?).
    I hope you will publish a follow up.

    • 6

      Hi sohbet,

      Thanks for commenting! I’ve published quite a few more stats since this post. I’ve sustained growth – to a point that now the blog really dwarfs the traffic back then. The numbers never dipped below where it was at in the view you see so I still believe that changing the name played a large role.


  6. 7

    thanks for your ideas. But in Google Analytics there is a time late (for 3 hours..maybe 4 hours ) sometimes 1 day maybe..
    Can i do anything for it ? is it about timezone ? or is it a genaral problem with Google analytics?

    • 8

      i think this problem’s reason is new interface. Now you can use google analytics ‘s new interface .. it seems good. and there is only 3-4 hours late.

  7. 9

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