Is Development Part of Your Marketing Budget?


While writing a proposal tonight, I began to think about some of the more successful strategies we've put together for clients… and many of them weren't just about marketing, they were about building tools that would engage users. I've written about the 3 styles of learning before… one is often overlooked.

Kinesthetic. A large portion of your audience responds more to kinesthetic learning than visual or auditory learning. Do you have a tool or application on your site that's helping them? If you do create such a tool, you may see a marked increase in response rates from your site. Here are some examples we've done:

  • Online Location Finder – the purpose for Wild Birds Unlimited's online presence is to drive more people directly to their franchisees. So – we developed an enterprise location system for them. We also have it in a mobile format and are about to release it as a Facebook application!
  • Sports Fan Graph – Pat Coyle runs a sports marketing agency and wanted to provide a tool that would attract his targeted audience… sports marketers. So we built Pat an online tool to keep stats on their social media presence. And it worked!
  • Debt Calculator – CCRnow wanted to provide their internal staff and their prospects with a means of calculating the actual payoff information on their credit card debt. If you think that it's a straight forward interest calculation, you're mistaken! Now the tool provides the user with a comparison of how quick they could be out of debt with CCRnow's assistance.


I don't think any of these solutions were on the radar when these folks began thinking about how they could get more inbound leads online… but building tools engaged their audience, kept them on the site longer, and eventually lead those prospects to do business with them. None of these solutions were that expensive – all were started for under $10k!

You may want to begin thinking about what your site could develop that would help consumers or businesses interact with you more effectively. Sometimes a text and video isn't quite enough!

What do you think?

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