Is it? Can it be? The first APUI IS here…

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PipesThe APUI (Application Programming User Interface) may be here. I’ve got my eye on Yahoo! Pipes, an engine where users can filter and manipulate RSS feeds.

This is just the start, though, and will be exciting to watch. I spoke about the need for this technology late last year and predicted that 2007 would be the year of GUI integration interaction and I truly believe this is the break-out year.

If Yahoo! Pipes can be used to manipulate RSS, it’s a short step to move from RSS to other XML API and Web Services. I trust that these interfaces will become so incredibly robust in the coming years that the need for developers may begin to drop.


There’s still a lot of work to do… but this could revolutionize the web and really take building applications to the next level. Rapid programming will turn from weeks, to hours, to minutes to transform data, filter it, and trigger events based on it. Imagine sitting down as a marketer and simply ‘flow-charting’ your next campaign… no writing code, no software costs, no developers, no projects that are over-budget and late.

Here’s my next prediction… the need for software developers will continue to rise for the next few years, possibly into the next decade; however, after that the need for developers will begin to decline as folks simply utilize enterprise level APUIs to build out their software, workflows, interactions, and data processing.

This is exciting!


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    First very brief impression is that it is similar in concept to how Demicron’s Wirefusion enables java apps to be built…

    Drop in a “module” link it to others, define parameters and publish.

    I just wish Demicron would come out with a Wirefusion “lite” that dropped some of the 3d support and increased some of the 2d image manipulation… but that’s for a different post.

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      We’re getting there! I remember utilizing Sagent Solutions a few years ago and it was an ETL GUI that wrote XML plans. They were half-way there, with awesome drag and drop functionality. We could write plans in hours instead of weeks with it. I’ve been waiting for someone to ‘webify’ this for quite some time.

      With the advent of Web Services, I really am surprised that no one has build a GUI to read a WSDL that you could utilize to build an online drag and drop interface. I’m so excited because this is definitely 1 step closer. I hope that Yahoo “democratizes” Pipes and allows third parties to build their own modules.

      I’m not a Java guy, though I’ve written some. They seem to be the quiet majority when it comes to development. As Sun’s influence continues to grow, I hope Java does as well. .NET definitely mimicked some of the capabilities and I notice other platforms adopting Java more readily. I may have to do some more homework on Java. 🙂

      I’m going to check out Wirefusion. Thanks!

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