Issuu: A Tool for Marketing, Not Just Magazines

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Issuu is often associated with the thriving online shelter magazine industry, burgeoning fashion magazines, and other niche interest groups. But Issuu, with its easy-to-create PDF flip books, can be an invaluable marketing & business development tool as well. At KA+A, as we continue to broaden our client-base, Issuu has become a conduit to share our work with folks across the country.

It began with a portfolio book we had designed and printed in small batches using Blurb (another great tool). We loved the immersive experience of a book – its weight in your hands, the smooth matte pages, and browsing at your leisure. As we began printing, sharing and FedEx'ing these books across the country, we realized we needed another way to share our content. A pure print strategy is limited, whether by cost, ease of updates, or delivery time. We wanted a way to deliver the experience of a book, on-demand.

We found our solution in Issuu, a digital publishing platform that has enabled us to share our work with a much broader audience and still deliver a great experience. Issuu retains some of the traits so favorable in the physical book (immersive and browsable) and complements it with the strengths of an online platform (quick to share, easy to update and low cost). Visitors can thumb through a full-screen version of our book online (see it below!), and share pages (or the entire publication) with their friends and colleagues. While we admit, it's hard to replace the impact of an overnighted copy of a book, for most scenarios, Issuu is a lot more efficient and broader reaching – and that's what keeps us using the tool.

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    I was just speaking with a client today and shared this post, Janneane.  They print tons of very high quality brochures on their product lines.  This would be an ideal means of sharing those brochures digitally with their audience.  Thanks for this post – really great technology and I love the KA+A brochure… I look forward to the day I can work with your team to fine-tune our brands!

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