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Iterable: The Next Generation of Email Marketing Platforms

As a Growth engineer at Twitter, Justin Zhu noticed a serious need. Marketers and project managers (aka non-engineers) wanted to do cool things with email, like machine learning, A/B testing, and/or designing drip campaigns, but didn’t know how and had to constantly rely on the extremely busy technical team.

Email was a huge part of Twitter’s growth and engagement strategy, but unfortunately the non-technical marketers and project managers always had to rely on engineering help to edit templates or A/B test email variations. This was both time and resource-consuming. I wanted to build a solution that was powerful, easy to integrate and a no-brainer for marketers to use. Justin speaks about Email at Twitter.

Justin left his job at Twitter, and in a little over a year, he launched Iterable, a next-gen email platform that combines the ease-of-use of Mailchimp with the power of an enterprise-level Responsys or ExactTarget. It’s been stealing market share from all 3 companies. With incredible A/B testing that allows you to create unlimited variations, a marketing automation builder and instant subscriber segmentation, it’s empowering marketers like never before.

Iterable is empowering marketers to do everything from sending triggered, blast and complex drip marketing campaigns to A/B testing with unlimited email variations, segmenting subscribers in real time and seeing mobile previews of templates.

Key Features of Iterable

  • Workflows – the Workflow designer was developed so that it literally takes 5 minutes or less to make a triggered shopping cart abandonment campaign.
  • A/B Testing – unlimited variations with a machine learning A/B testing tool. It automatically detects the winning variation and implements it for you, and you can use it for both ongoing triggered or blast campaigns.
  • Mobile Previews – Half of all emails are now being opened on mobile first, so it’s important to make sure your emails look good across devices. But, instead of using yet another solution to generate mobile previews, it just makes more sense to use a platform with these features built in.
  • Mobile Push Notifications for iOS and Android, allowing clients to target customers using both email and push. Push will be heavily integrated with the system’s current A/B testing, segmentation, and Workflows drip campaign infrastructure.

Iterable has a robust Magento integration along with Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and support!

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