It’s Time to Change Email Marketing Strategies when…

Angry executive

Your emails look like this:
changethis topica

  1. Perhaps a subject line more compelling and personalized instead of “ChangeThis: Issue 46”
  2. Perhaps some line breaks so that I don’t have to wrap as I read (I didn’t read it, it was impossible).
  3. Perhaps Multi-part MIME emails to send text to those who want a plain look, but HTML to those of us who enjoy a well-designed email.
  4. Perhaps a compelling introduction?
  5. Perhaps some white space between topics to make it easy to scan?
  6. Perhaps headings to highlight the different topics and differentiate them from the descriptions?
  7. Perhaps a bulleted list with the links and information associated with each?
  8. Perhaps a list of common links back to the web site?
  9. Perhaps a different Email Service Provider if yours is difficult to use?

The terrible part here is that ChangeThis‘ byline is:

ChangeThis is creating a new kind of media. A form of media that uses existing tools (like PDFs, blogs and the web) to challenge the way ideas are created and spread.

It’s a great organization with a vast amount of material to motivate change in leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s simply too bad that they choose to ignore the single communication method that keeps me coming back to their website.

I unsubscribed.

5/8/2008: Even though I subscribed, I received this email today. Not sure what might have happened but it was a vast improvement:
change this


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    My favorite is when a client defends their “Issue46” in the subject line and they have each issue number in the subject line. I actually heard one say, “It’s so that our subscribers can organize archived emails in their email client.”

    Are you kidding me? You pay me big bucks to tell you how to get better open and click-thru rates but you’re not willing to budge on the subject line? Good luck on those metrics…..


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