Janrain: Capture and Amplify Your Social Presence

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So you’ve got your social media presence up and running. You’re adding fans and followers by the day and getting a trickle of visitors to your site. Social media is providing you growth, but you’re not seeing the return on investment that all the social media gurus are talking about. Social media appears to be this huge net, but you’re not catching anything because everyone is slipping through the holes.

There are two critical events when it comes to social media marketing:

  1. Converting a fan or follower into a prospect or customer. Just because people follow you or like your page doesn’t ensure they’re actually going to opt-in to your marketing efforts.
  2. Getting a fan or follower to amplify your message to their network. Your primary network is powerful, but not nearly as powerful as getting word-of-mouth traffic from a fan’s network.

Janrain Engage bridges the gap in both of these scenarios, providing your site with a universal login method to capture user data, and providing a sharing platform to enable easier amplification of your messaging to your fans’ networks. Imagine being able to capture the email address of everyone that engages with your brand socially, so that you can grow your email list and push additional offers to those that opt-in!

Janrain Engage is a turnkey solution that empowers users to register or sign in on your site with an account from one of 25+ social networks and email providers, including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo!. Simplify registration, eliminate the need for users to remember passwords and access rich profile data from a user’s social network account with permission.

Janrain is quite robust and well-integrated. If your CMS is WordPress, there’s a robust plugin to enable Engage on your site or blog. Janrain also integrates with popular commenting systems like Disqus, Echo and Pluck.

Implementing Janrain can assist your marketing efforts with the following benefits:

  • Increase Site Registrations – Reduce barriers to registration, accelerate the sign up process and increase conversion rates from site visitors to registered users by enabling login with an existing social networking or web mail account.
  • Create More Personalized, Engaging Experiences – Pre-populate registration forms and offer a more targeted, personalized experience for your users by importing rich user profile data, friend’s lists and address books.
  • Grow Brand Awareness and Generate Referral Traffic -Connect your site to the social web and empower your users to spread your content by making it easy for users to publish activity from your site to multiple social networks simultaneously.

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