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JivoChat: Centralize Your Live Chat, Social Media, Messengers, and Phone Calls into a Single Platform

Effective communication is vital to building strong customer relationships and driving sales. With customers increasingly turning to various messaging platforms and social media channels to connect with businesses, it can be challenging to manage multiple channels efficiently. However, JivoChat, a robust customer communication platform, solves this problem by centralizing all your contact channels in one convenient location.

Centralize All Your Contact Channels

Imagine having all your customer messages in one all-inclusive app. With JivoChat, that’s exactly what you get. Whether your customers prefer to reach out via live chat, messenger, or social media, JivoChat combines all these messages into a single platform.

This consolidated approach empowers your team to provide quick and helpful responses, boosting efficiency and enhancing the customer experience. Say goodbye to scattered communication threads and missed opportunities. They include:

  • Live Chat: Engage with customers in real-time through a live chat feature on your website. Provide instant support and address inquiries promptly. Integrated with websites, messengers, and social media platforms, these intelligent bots can handle frequently asked questions, leaving your live operators free to focus on more complex customer needs. By automating routine inquiries, JivoChat’s chatbots significantly reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Social Media: Connect with customers through popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Respond to messages, comments, and inquiries directly from the JivoChat platform.
  • Messengers: Utilize messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and more to communicate with customers on their preferred platforms. Consolidate all messenger conversations within JivoChat for easy management.
  • Phone Calls: Seamlessly integrate phone calls into your customer communication strategy. Receive and make calls directly from the JivoChat platform, ensuring a centralized experience for your team and customers.
  • API: JivoCat also offers user-friendly applications and seamless API integrations, making bringing in other mediums and channels you’ve developed internally easy.

JivoChat gives you complete control over communication between your staff and customers. Concerns about lost phones or ex-employees accessing sensitive data become a thing of the past. By storing personal data securely within JivoChat, you can ensure your business’s privacy and protect your customers’ information. Say goodbye to sharing passwords and hello to enhanced security.

Jivo CRM

The platform even comes with a small-business CRM that’s fully integrated. Jivo CRM is a robust client management system designed to streamline your sales process and boost revenue. With a convenient interface and easy setup, you can manage your sales effectively in 10 minutes.

Jivo CRM

Jivo CRM also provides insightful reports and analytics, helping you identify weak spots in your sales pipeline and optimize your workflow for maximum profitability. With integrations available for various business tools and a mobile app for on-the-go access, JivoChat CRM empowers you to deliver exceptional customer support and increase your sales effortlessly.

With JivoChat and its integrated CRM, you can access valuable statistics and analytics for each sales funnel stage. Monitor the performance of your live operators, review response times and working hours, and analyze lead sources to identify the most effective channels. You can maintain communication quality by reviewing saved dialogues and continuously improving customer service.

By bringing these diverse messaging channels together and the ability to track them, JivoChat empowers businesses to provide exceptional customer service and support through various mediums.

Since Jivo chatbot integration, the number of leads has increased by 70%, and lead-to-deal conversion rate has increased by 15%. Now we do not miss a single message from customers even during

Head of Customer Service, Renaissance Life

Join the ranks of over 200,000 businesses worldwide that trust JivoChat for their customer communication needs. Visit their website, explore their blog, or contact their dedicated support team to discover how JivoChat can revolutionize your customer communication. Trust the platform ranked third worldwide by the number of users and powers over 14 million monthly chats.

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