Jiwire: Location-Powered Mobile Advertising

jiwire location based mobile

The JiWire Location Graph™ platform enhances mobile audience profiles with a combination of location, engagement, demographic, contextual, first and third party data, time of day, day of week and other factors to deliver the audience that is most relevant for your brand.


JiWire receives anonymized location data from over hundreds of millions devices, including smartphones, tablets & laptops, delivering significant scale. The precise location data they’re able to acquire allows them to pinpoint exact location and recognize the difference between someone in a store vs. walking by the store or just in the parking lot, even in high-density environments like urban centers.

Location Graph™ offers advertisers more than any other mobile advertising platform, including:

  • Mobile Audience Targeting
  • Return on Investment
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Actionable Audience & Campaign Awards


JiWire’s Location Graph is a patent-pending audience intelligence platform that reveals unique insights – like identifying shopping patterns, brand loyalty, and competitive opportunities. Their insights can help drive and influence Out-of-Home media, such as showing where your target audience lives, shops, and works.

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