Just What the Doctor Ordered?

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This last weekend, I had a fantastic business/personal trip up to Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. I graduated from High School in Vancouver 20 years ago and have only been back twice. It's an incredible city – clean, beautiful, modern and healthy. I spent some time with my best friend from High School and we even got 9 holes of golf in. It was a spectacular weekend! (And the business went well, too!)

I noticed a couple things while I was up there. One was the lack of overweight people. Striking as it may seem, there were only a few (I was one of them). I really think there's a much better atmosphere conducive to health there in Vancouver. Walking is typical since there are stores and shops nearby homes. We spent a night on the town Saturday and walked from place to place (I was exhausted though, so I did get a taxi a couple times!)

The other item I noticed was the impact that nationalized healthcare has had on small business and entrepreneurialism. There is no fear of leaving your job to start your own business there. It's something that is inherent with me as a single Dad. Though I'm not an advocate of the bureaucracy of nationalized medicine and all of the added inefficiencies involved, I believe there could be a happy medium.

I would like to see the impact of entrepreneurialism and small business growth be part of the conversation in the United States. Perhaps we can find a happy medium, where the government assists in small business healthcare for the first year. And we definitely need to address the insurance ‘gouging' that takes place from business to business, and individual to individual.

Good health should be rewarded with lower premiums, just as good driving does with auto insurance. Perhaps a layer of ‘Healthcare Security' could be added to our current insurance costs that would cover us in times of unemployment or in the startup phases of small business.

I'm still not an advocate of nationalized medicine. I believe if you want to see any business run poorly, simply hand it over to the government to do! But the freedom from fear of losing benefits stifles the entrepreneurial spirit here in the United States.

Folks should be free to start a small business without the fear of losing their medical insurance!


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    Well I see this answers my previous question on another thread.

    I am 100% against government ran anything…

    There is a reason why folks from Canada drive south for health care.

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      Hey ck!

      I’m with you on the Government… if you want to drive an industry into the ground, just put it under government bureaucracy. That said, Universal Healthcare need NOT be run 100% by the government, though, as in Canada.

      I believe it can be both privatized AND be universal. If someone wants to pay out of pocket (as Canadians do who come South), then why not let them?


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