JustControl.it: Automate Attribution Data Collection Across Channels


Digital marketing is driven by a need for greater customization: new data sources, fresh combinations of partnerships, ever-changing rates, sophisticated UA scenarios, etc. As for the future of our industry, it promises to be even more challenging and granular.

That is why successful and aspiring professionals need workable leverage to deal with complicated situations and complex pictures. However, a lot of existing tools still offer an outdated ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Within this first framework, all the possible marketing scenarios are predetermined from the very beginning, with no chance of covering individual requirements in their entirety. At the same time, the devil is always in the details. 

Correspondingly, the market of today needs tool boxes rather than tools, so that customers can create their own rules, data flows, metrics, etc.

JustControl.it, a fresh solution for advanced data analytics, is an attempt to fill this gap. In this piece, a brief overview of this new toolbox for digital marketing is provided. To show the full potential of JustControl.it, this article features a couple of practical examples of how it obtains, processes, and transforms data.

JustControl.it Product Overview

JustControl.it is officially positioned as a solution that makes it possible for businesses to exercise full control over ad spending, assess campaign performance across an impressive variety of channels, and generate timely custom-made reports. As such, it promises an efficient ETL engine and automation capabilities for data mapping based on numerous sources in one UI.  

Right now the team of JustControl.it states that roughly 30 data sources can be instantly linked for its customers. 

At the same time, the new player stresses that it can easily activate any data source on demand. The current ‘circle’ has been shaped and defined by its clients. If a need to link a new one arises, it will be connected free of charge.   The typical customer journey and onboarding process, according to JustControl.it, looks this way. 

  • Once a demo session has been delivered, the team of JustControl.it asks a customer to fill-out a brief to cover all the details of a sample data scenario and connect the involved sources to their JustControl.it account. 
  • After that, a sample scenario – with all then associated details – is set up and tailored.
  • Once the scenario has been tuned, a custom made report is generated. Its results are then verified against a customer’s figures. 
  • Finally, the rest of the scenarios are implemented. 

JustControl.it was released not so long ago. That is why not so many public reviews have been published so far. At the same time, there is already some positive feedback available. The companies outline the reliability of the raw data reports, wide customization capabilities related to data processing and mapping, as well as convenience. 

It would be interesting to take a look at how JustControl.it has deserved those positive reviews.  

JustControl.it Data Processing Capabilities 

According to the team of JustControl.it, their solution is capable not only of extracting raw data ‘as it is’, but also of some other things. 

  1. First of all, the toolbox extracts raw data. In the campaign names, tags for countries, managers, and platforms can be identified. It is claimed that, with JustControl.it, there are no restrictions on any specific type of campaign. An unlimited amount of custom measurements and filters for them are promised, as well as an unlimited number of columns, both calculated KPIs and metrics. Metadata extraction has also become real.

JustControl.it Campaign Data

  1. After that, the data is filtered by managers, platforms, managers, etc. 

JustControl.it iOS Campaigns

  1. In the third stage, profit-related info from trackers and/or internal BI solutions can be added and merged. 

JustControl.it Campaign Revenue

  1. Once such data has been added, info regarding sources and other data ‘tags’ can be added.

JustControl.it Media Sources

  1. Finally, filters by countries and platforms across all the sources linked are set. As a result, a single picture based on different data pieces is created. That is to say, a report needed for decision making can be generated. 

JustControl.it Media Device Country

As for the current look and feel of the solution, the following illustrative samples can be displayed.

  • General dashboard with a probable data range:

JustControl.it Ad Impressions Clicks by Day

  • General dashboard with a selection of preferred custom data dimensions: 

JustControl.it Consolidated Report - Country, Channel, Product

  • General dashboard with a sample of custom filters applied

JustControl.it Consolidated Report - Filter Campaign Entities

JustControl.it highlights that the customization potential of the above-mentioned capabilities is actually unlimited. In the following section, you can see what scheme enables this virtually boundless potential. 

JustControl.it Setting A Sample Scenario 

This case is based on activities conducted by a media buying agency using roughly 40 sources, including the AppsFlyer tracker and networks. JustControl.it manually created two reports covering the customer’s needs.

The first report is a result of this data processing flow in action: aggregated raw data related to ad spending across every applicable source. It processes all data in its entirety while taking its properties in consideration (such as associated teams down to individual buyers, channels, etc.). 

JustControl.it Workflow Automation

The second report aims to provide a picture that would deal not with raw data, but with calculated metrics – the ones that are calculated on the spot and based on customizable formulas. The actual range of metrics includes the following dimensions. 

JustControl.it Data Column Headers

In order to make it possible, the JustControl.it team created a special sequence of actions displayed below.

JustControl.it Workflow Automation Diagram

It is noteworthy that it is the JustControl.it support team that builds these data processing flows. However, the solution provider assumes that, a little bit later, this capability will become available for customers so that they can build them on their own. 

Right now, a one month free trial is available. Digital agencies and app developers can order a demo and test it on their own at JustControl.it. The more customers JustControl.it has, the more sources they will integrate for instant use.  

JustControl.it Integrations

Data source integrations currently include Google, Facebook Ads, TikTok, CSV, Excel, YouAppi, AD Colony, adcash, Adperio, ADSKEEPER, Adsterra Network, Affise, AppSamurai, APPLIFT, appnext, AppsFlyer, adjust, BeaverAds, Chartboost, Clickadu, EngageYa, ExoClick, Fyber, IronSource, Liftoff, mgid, VK, Yandex Direct, MyTarget, PropellerAds, Remerge, Revcontent, RichPush, Snapchat, Tapjoy, UNGADS, unity ADS, Vungle, Mintegral, and Zeropark.

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