JustUnfollow: Manage, Unfollow and Find Twitter Followers

For those of you on Twitter, we're still playing the ridiculous game of fake followers, follower SPAM, and people that follow and unfollow you to simply try and lure you to follow them to grow their network. I still love Twitter but this is the terrible side of the platform – I just don't think Twitter is doing enough to manage the quality of the platform.

A tool that I've been using for a few months now is JustUnfollow:

There are three key features that I like on their platform:

  1. Unfollowing unfollowers – identifying the folks that have unfollowed me that I had mutually followed. I like to have conversations on Twitter and share information with folks… I'm not going to follow folks who don't follow me.
  2. Hashtag search – Utilizing their hashtag search, I can find and follow accounts with similar interests. A great example for this blog is finding marketing infographic resources.
  3. Copy Following – there are folks out there following your competitors or sites that are just like yours. You can follow their followers in the hopes of expanding your following.
  4. Whitelist and Blacklist – there are some accounts you just have to follow even if they don't follow back. And there are others that you may never want to follow again after a rude or inappropriate tweet. Combined with the others, this may be my favorite feature!

JustUnfollow also has a mobile application. One issue that may bug you about the service is the inability to bulk follow or unfollow… that's not their fault, it's another limitation of Twitter and its API. You have to independently click each follow or unfollow.

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