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Kaleio: A Global Workforce Social Network

If your primary motivation online is to connect and share information with other industry professionals, or to connect with clients and vendors, Facebook is quickly becoming unmanageable. Between the personal photos and advertising, it’s getting noisy. LinkedIn is still the place to be but Kaleio is looking to foster communication and connect professionals a bit differently.

Their platform is laid out, without any clutter, into a newsfeed, a solutions posting board for QnA, an Events board, a Marketplace for posting opportunities or marketing your own, and even a Boardroom – a messaging room that you can connect with others in privately.

Kaleio vision is four-fold

  • Foster the creation of a global workforce community. Currently, there are no simple ways of communication within the world’s industries, trades, and professions.
  • Facilitating networking and connections within the global workforce community. Kaleio provides an environment for those in the workforce to feel part of an extended network of people who understand their daily work and business challenges.
  • A place for specific and extensive industry news, events, updates, and trends. Members remain current with industry news, events, updates, and trends.
  • Allows those in the workforce community to offer, as well as search for, jobs, products, services, and solutions Kaleio is a vehicle which provides free marketing for businesses, including an optimal search tool for products, services, solutions, and employment opportunities. Individuals can also request, or give, helpful advice for daily business, personal, or industry-specific issues.

The one big gap I see with Kaleio is that it’s not optimized for mobile use nor does it have a mobile application. In a world where professionals are utilizing their smartphones as their primary communication device, this needs to be implemented if they hope to take off as a platform!

Join Kaleio for free today. They also have targeted advertising that can be purchased as well.

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