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KosmoTime Time Management

As a partner in an agency working with enterprise companies, my days are a blur and my calendar is a mess – bouncing from sales, to strategy, to stand-ups, to partner, and partner meetings non-stop. Between all of those calls, I need to actually get the work done that I’ve committed to with clients, too!

One thing that I’ve personally done in the past is simply blocked out time on my calendar to ensure I can get my tasks completed and communicated to our clients. When my block comes up, I look at my trusty pad of paper and start knocking down outstanding tasks.

KosmoTime Time Management

KosmoTime is a time management app that’s helping professionals get work done by putting tasks on the calendar with automatic distraction blocking features. KosmoTime is the missing link between getting your work done, aligning that work with your calendar, and ensuring that there are no distractions while you’re accomplishing them.

  • Batch Your Tasks – tasks are often micro-steps to a larger project. KosmoTime enables you to group your tasks and then schedule time to ensure the project can be completed.
  • Block All Distractions – KosmoTime closes down your tabs and turns off your Slack notifications when you start your task. Once you’re done, KosmoTime will optionally reopen all the tabs and notifications
  • Add Task from Chrome – KosmoTime lets you bookmark any URL and turn it into a Task in one click from Google Chrome. You can later assign it to a Sprint and do it at the right time, in the right focus.
  • Reserve Your Calendar – KosmoTime integrates directly with your Microsoft or Google calendar. Add a task or a task block, drag it into your calendar, and you can extend the time to block out as much time as you need to get your work accomplished.


KosmoTime’s goal is to enable users to reach their full productivity potential, and in the process recover the control of their time and their sense of freedom. s

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