Why You Should Be Using Image Compression

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When graphic designers and photographers output their final images, they’re typically not optimized to reduce the file size. I was speaking with Caleb Lane, a WordPress security and optimization consultant, and he noticed that the image sizes on our site were quite large (in addition to numerous other issues he’s going to help us optimize). Thanks to Erik Deckers for the introduction!

Having large images doesn’t mean that you need to have large image sizes. Image compression can drastically reduce the file size of an image – even 90% – without reducing quality to the naked eye. Reducing the file size of an image can have quite a few advantages:

  • Faster Load Times – loading a page faster has been known to provide a superior experience for your users where they won’t get frustrated and will engage longer with your site.
  • Improved Organic Search Rankings – Google loves faster sites, so the more time you can squeeze off of your site load times, the better!
  • Increased Conversion Rates – faster sites convert better!
  • Better Inbox Placement – if you’re feeding large images from your site into your email, it could push you to the junk folder instead of the inbox. We found this out firsthand using 250ok’s Email Inspector, a sponsor of the blog.

If you want a quick bump in your site load times, look no further than Kraken, one of the best services on the net! We had tried Yahoo’s Smush.it service in the past – but our large infographics were too big for their service – which sort of defeats the purpose!

Kraken has a full web interface, a robust API, and – thankfully – a WordPress Plugin! The plugin allows you to optimize automatically when you upload as well as bulk optimize other images that you had previously loaded. The results are quite amazing:


Here’s a bulk update we did:


Just a note, we are using our Kraken affiliate link in this post! Hope you join and reap the benefits.

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