Bubbles, Reflections – now Ambient Glow!

After scrapping my old theme, the default Kubrick theme started to grow on me… it’s clean and simple. After getting quite a bit of ribbing about my last theme (very, very, very customized aka hacked Anaconda theme) breaking with WordPress 2.1, I was motivated to get a new theme up and going quickly.

Perhaps the worst (or best) ribbing I took was by blogging pro John Chow, who took time out of his moguling to come over to the blog and give me a hard time. Thanks John! I laughed out loud.

Philips AmbilightI’m feeling a little better about the blog tonight. I think I’m going to start the next big craze for Web 3.0… ambient glows. Bubbles were very Applish a few years ago and the last couple years have been the famed Web 2.0 reflection. With ambient light being all the craze with new LCD and HDTV sets (you have to do something to keep the prices up there), I have no doubt that it’s the next big thing on the web.

You heard it here, folks! I present you with the WordPress Kubrick Blue Ambient Glow theme. I simply replaced all the images, added a couple more, and tweaked some of the code on the header to leave room for the menu bar I added. I also had to do some CSS modifications. I’ve looked at the site in IE7, Firefox 2 (Mac and PC)… so far so good. If it doesn’t look good in IE6… uh, go download a newer browser! They’re still free!


I’m still fighting with a couple plugins that ‘say’ they are 2.1 ready but they lock up the site. I’ll continue to tweak and develop the site out to its previous glory. Be patient!


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    I like this look far better! I seem to able to find things on the site faster (by just eye-balling things).

    BTW, did you realize you are now pushing Philips TVs (via Ad-sense) 🙂 And the first related article is “Jet Blue sued by a Muslim pilot” LOL. I think the “Blue” triggered that related article…?

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      Thanks, Sterling. I’m using Brian’s Threaded Comments. It’s not too bad. I did need to install a different ‘subscribe to comments’ plugin that works with it… and I had to modify that to pre-check the subscribe form.

      I may do one more thing and that’s add a checkbox to save the info in a cookie.


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    What do you mean ambient glow?

    My monitor must be broken.

    I see a gradient header and a blue border….

    mmmhh.. Blue…. white…. colts… I think I see a pattern.

    : )

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    Bubbles… Reflections… But what about the famous “Drop Shadow”? It’s the one that started it all!

    I remember a comment someone made back in college; “If I see another drop shadow, I am going to puke.” Sometimes, late and night, I wonder if he is still feeling sick.

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