Landing Page Best Practices: How to Optimize for Conversions

The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

As inbound marketing continues to evolve, it also becomes more difficult to do effectively. Marketing is now multi-channel and multi-faceted. It’s not as simple as posting on social media a couple of times a week or sending an email once a month. You have to be strategically executing a bunch of different tactics which all complement each other, while also being able to adjust and adapt if a tactic isn’t working. It’s exhausting being a marketer, isn’t it?

But you know what really hasn’t changed? The way we capture leads. The landing page has always been a part of the core marketing strategy, and, generally, many different landing pages are created to attract different target markets and promote different things. While they might evolve and change over the years, landing pages are here to stay in some shape or form.

So, if they are the essence of lead capture, then how can you optimize your own landing pages to generate more leads? Presenting “The Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page” byFormstack , with a few key pointers for the perfect landing page:

  • The Fold Matters – While marketers have been told that the “fold” doesn’t matter as much anymore, when it comes to landing pages, it actually does matter. Even if you don’t have the form above the fold, you should have the call to action apparent above the fold.
  • Trust Indicators – When using landing pages to get someone to do something, “trust indicators,” such as testimonials, badges, certifications, and major media mentions are great to include on landing pages to build trust and authority.
  • Video, Video, Video – Doug and I always talk about how video is continuing to be more important; we predict that videos will be on every single page of websites in the future. Videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%!
  • Social Sharing – Landing pages are a great collection of all the information you need on a given product, service, event or promotion. That said, it’s also the perfect place to insert social sharing and ensure you have rich snippets so that they look great when they’re shared!
  • Design More than One – Don’t put all your time and effort into a single landing page. With Content Management Systems, you can create more than one landing page pretty effortlessly and vary the design and verbiage on each to see which one gets the best traction.
  • Test, Test, Test – Utilize A/B Testing to swap out videos, headlines and call-to-actions to squeeze out even more conversions!

Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

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