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Formstack Launches Landing Pages

Bravo to my good friends at Formstack – in my opinion – the premier online form builder for marketers (yes, that’s an affiliate link). One of the difficult tasks that we have with our clients when building a landing page strategy is actually the infrastructure to build those landing pages within.

It’s not a problem anymore! Formstack has just released its Landing Page solution to build pages around your Formstack forms.

I was able to experiment with the feature pre-release and it’s fantastic! For us analytics buffs, there’s even the opportunity to embed custom JavaScript in the page to place cookies or track events in the page! This is a fantastic tool and should be a huge opportunity for Formstack to expand its footprint in the industry.

If you’re executing inbound marketing strategies, it appears that there’s no better tool than Formstack to build and organize your landing pages. You can roll out one for every single campaign with very little effort!

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Instagram for Business - Everything You Need to Know

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