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skinit laptop skin

The first time I noticed a cool skin on a laptop, it was Jason Bean’s bnpositive logo on a skin on his laptop. It makes him stand out in a sea of laptops and is noticeable from across any conference room.

I decided to go design my skin for my MacBookPro and went through some websites before I found one that was simple to use and fully customizable. The site I decided on was Skinit. The interface to design the skin was incredibly simple to use, and you provide the model number of your laptop so that it’s sized correctly and even precut around the logo.

The quality of the resulting skin is incredible… it’s and it’s quite thick and scratch resistant. I get a lot of great remarks on how beautiful it looks and I love the fact that it promotes my brand. My word of caution: be sure to upload a high-resolution image. My skin is a little pixelated, but it works well since it looks a bit artsy. I also added my twitter name so folks could find and follow me quickly.


I’m surprised that I don’t see a lot of major brands provide their conference attendees with laptop skins. How cool would it be to walk into a technical conference hall and quickly identify Google, Microsoft and other employees! It’s a lot easier than trying to read their company name on a badge hanging around their neck!


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    Thanks for the mentions on my laptop skin from I agree on the high-resolution comment. Get absolutely the highest resolution version of your graphic you can obtain. You're also right about standing out in a crowd, after all, Chris Brogan singled me out at BlogINDIANA this past year for my laptop skin.

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    Finding a new place to advertise your brand is like getting more cheese on a pizza– you'll always find someplace else to stuff it. Great post.

    James Baxter
    Cool Brands of Britain

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    I was looking for the exact same thing Customized Laptop Skin , but in India , as skinit would charge me pretty much on shipping if not on the product itself, hence opted to choose something locally.

    Searched searched and found  and , while inkfruit dont do customized at all, theskinmantra guys did it and boy  the uniqueness lent to my laptop is amazing…

    There is no slick online customized interface like that of skinit , but we can simply email the picture to the guys and they make the laptop skin. Not the most sophisticated , but  everythingis forgiven after I received the laptop….

    cna I post the link to a pic of my laptop, wud love to flaunt 🙂 🙂

    Mehta Constructions

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