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Last Chance to Register: Half Day Workshop Tomorrow

Looking forward to speaking with a couple good friends, including Kyle Lacy, here in Indianapolis tomorrow at a workshop: Online Social Networking for You and Your Business.

The morning will start with: Why social networks are powerful forms of communication for business and which social networks are best for your business and your goals presented by Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins.

  • Security and Safety – What level of security and safety do you have on a social network?
  • Maintaining Your Brand – How do you maintain your brand on a social network? How do you police it?
  • Internal Social Networks – How to use social networks to create a conversation among your internal staff?
  • Online Impact – How to measure the impact of marketing on the online community and what can it tell you?
  • Social Networks and Other Media – How do you combine social networks with other social media?
  • Hands on Session – Create your own social network with the assistance of MediaSauce staff.

The day will close with a panel discussion, Defending Your Reputation Online. If you’d like to register, you best get your butt in gear!

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How To Meet The Needs Of B2B Buyers

How To Meet The Needs Of B2B Buyers

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