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As my trip to the Webtrends Engage 2011 conference was looming, I was on the lookout for some promotional merchandise to distribute at the event. As a sponsor of the event, one of the options was to distribute notepads out to the attendees. As a small business, of course, this was an investment that I was very concerned about.

How could I balance a tight budget, be a cool sponsor of the event, and still distribute some serious shwag that attendees would appreciate and respond to? I found my answer with Leaderpromos.com. No, this is not a sponsored post nor will it have any affiliate links… I just believe in publicizing great service and products when given the opportunity.

I decided to purchase some great foldover notepads that came with pens that would have all of our contact information on them. I ordered them, quickly got a proof back by email, and the order was fulfilled and sent to San Francisco within a few days! Since I hadn't actually seen the product, I was pretty nervous about the investment. The cost was very reasonable so I was worried the quality wouldn't be… or worse… they wouldn't make them on time.

The results were fantastic!

As I walked up to CEO Alex Yoder at the event, I was met with a big hug and a thanks for the cool notepads! Awesome!!! I found a seat and can't describe how proud I was to see so many people picking up the notepads, messing with the lever-operated pens, and then carrying them around at the event. They were so cool that I asked Webtrends to ship the extras back to the office. They did, and we got them today. (Thanks Webtrends!).

notepads dknewmedia

Special thanks to the folks at Leaderpromos.com. The notepads came out so nice that I handed them out instead of business cards for the remainder of the event! (Not to mention I didn't have business cards because a different unnamed vendor was late with them!!!). If you stop by DK New Media, be sure to grab one!

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    Stay Sourced, the promotional products supplier, have launched a range of eco-friendly products that showcase some weird and wonderful uses for recycled materials. If your company is looking for exciting and ethical merchandising ideas, there’s plenty to go at: mousemats and coasters from recycled tyres, bamboo pens, yo-yos and pencils that can trace their ancestry back to the humble old CD case. Perhaps the most intriguing gadget in their eco-friendly collection is the battery-free, water-powered clock which sparked off some interesting discussion among the team here. For an intelligent bunch, there’s been some frankly worrying explanations for how this might be working and nothing that we’d want in the public domain. If there are any scientists, alchemists or voodoo-ists out there who can shine a light on this, please comment and put us out of our misery.

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