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Businesses are constantly trying to capture data on prospects and customers to both find and attract leads, and then to keep and upsell the customers they acquire. There's a ton of technologies out there to attempt to capture this data. Some of the sources are inaccurate and others out of date.

Too bad there wasn't a source of information that was continuously updated accurately and often by people. There is! People consistently and repeatedly leave a trail of accurate and finite behavioral and intent data online via social media. Every day and often, every hour or so.

The difficult task is cleansing, filtering and aggregating that data into meaningful insights. LeadSift accomplishes this, providing quite an accurate representation of a social media users, lifestyle, personality, brands followed, location, device use, and time of activity. Over time, LeadSift can even tell you what brands you are a customer of, where you eat, where you stay, what television shows you watch, and what products you use.

LeadSift is a social intelligence platform that helps your marketing team consistently deliver wins with the right messaging, content, creative, media and social experience for the right consumers at the right time.

LeadShift Builds its Social Footprint Data Using the Following Steps

  1. Crawl – LeadSift crawls major social networks representing over 500 million posts. Their data is updated every second, and it is made available for ongoing in-depth analysis. Anytime someone expresses an intent to buy your product or one of your competitor's; it shows up in our dashboard. LeadSift indexes over 180 million of the most active social users for you to gather insights from and reach.
  2. Classify – Next, LeadSift categorizes the data around the important things like your customers, prospects, industry and affinities. Using over 50 signals from text, network graphs, and meta-data, Leadsift's machine learning algorithms can classify who the person is, what they are talking about and where in the buying journey they are. From these categories, LeadSift starts to build profile attributes that can drive your media, creative, content, and marketing strategies.
  3. Extract – For every user collected in LeadSift's system, they extract over 100 attributes about them, ranging from demographics, psychographics and behavioral information. And using only publicly available data, they can infer and predict consumer's intent and interests with high accuracy. This 360-degree view of the consumer enables you to reach in-market audiences with creatively relevant and timely messages across all channels.
  4. Analyze – With a combination of comprehensive data and actionable insights, LeadSift reveals hidden opportunities so you can make smarter marketing decisions. The intuitive exploratory search interface allows you to drill seamlessly down into the data to identify trends and patterns. Visual representation provides a high-level overview of your brand, competitive benchmarks, and industry trends in real-time.
  5. Activate – Smarter marketing means putting our data and insights to work for you. Differentiate your messages cross-channel and reach your audience everywhere with highly relevant creative. Achieve sought-after personalized engagement at scale.

The data acquired via LeadSift is leveraged for media planning and buying, audience segmentation, actionable insights, anticipating the buyer journey and personalizing messaging to the prospect or customer. Leadsift offers a comprehensive API to enrich your data profiles or to build a more personalized experience. Test Leadsift yourself on this post – we've embedded their tool on our site.

Here's a breakdown that LeadSift released of top brands and the profiles of their following on social media!

Brand and Social Media Following

Disclosure: We have a referral agreement in place if you decide to sign up with Leadsift.

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