Leanplum: A/B Test Your Mobile Content and Messaging

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Developing and deploying mobile applications can be a tedious, resource-consuming and frustrating process for companies. Just getting an approval from the App Store can sometimes be a relief, never mind actually optimizing your mobile app. And if you find that there are opportunities to improve or personalize the app, it typically means additional development and a new release. There are alternatives out there, though.

Leanplum is a fully-integrated optimization solution for mobile apps to assist companies in deploying mobile applications where they can test, analyze, schedule and personalize the user experience and messaging.

Leanplum’s Platform allows for Personalization, Testing and Optimization

  • Mobile App A/B Testing – Test content, messaging campaigns, visual elements, and UI on-the-fly to optimize the mobile user experience with real-time testing that does not require App Store re-submission. The user can apply testing to customer segments and target A/B tests based on geography, device type, app version, traffic source, customer attributes, interests, preferences and in-app behaviors.
  • Mobile Content Management – Personalize and publish mobile content dynamically based on behavior, demographics, location and other attributes. Sync, store, and deploy mobile assets in real-time, with integrated security, syncing, and offline support. Release new features with no need for re-submission to the App store and an integrated asset library. This also includes a flexible data modeling API.
  • Mobile Marketing Automation – Create, automate, and test targeted mobile in-app messages and push notifications to optimize user engagement, retention and brand loyalty. Along with A/B testing the messaging, you can update messaging and launch campaigns in real-time, or create specific time- and event-based triggers.
  • Mobile App Analytics – analyze data based on past behavior, device type, geography, traffic source, and custom user attributes. Create conversion funnels, segment based on behavior or time, and view common metrics.

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