5 Hints on How to Leverage Social Media Customer Reviews

Customer Social Media Reviews and Testimonials

The marketplace’s a tough experience, not just for the big brands but also for the average. Whether you own a huge business, a small local store, or an internet platform, your chances of climbing the niche ladder are slim unless you take good care of your customers.

When you are preoccupied with your prospects’ and customers’ happiness, they’ll quickly answer back. They’ll offer you great benefits which are mostly comprised of trust, customer reviews, and eventually sales.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 hints on how to leverage social media customer reviews to improve the performance of your business.

1. Understand What Your Customers Want

Without customer testimonials, direct feedback would be extremely hard to obtain. The statistics that you gather through analytics software and solutions are extremely helpful and precise, yet they can’t be compared with the direct feedback your fans and customers can provide.

Fick Turban, CEO at aussiewritings.com, seemed to be pleased to offer us an insightful comment:

Business progress is dependent on optimization. At the same time, optimization is dependent on feedback. Once you get this, you’ll perceive your business differently and you’ll never run out of optimization ideas.

What does it mean to optimize? In simple terms, optimizing means:

  • To improve the relationship between business and customer
  • To improve the relevancy and quality of your products & services
  • To develop your unique value proposition
  • To stand out from the crowd and overstep your competitors
  • To turn simple fans into loyal brand ambassadors

Customer testimonials are your number one resource that facilitates true, non-biased comments about your brand. The more feedback (positive or negative) you get the more you’ll understand your target audience. After a while, you’ll see patterns in your customers’ behaviors and that’s when you’ll know whether your latest strategies and initiatives improve or decrease your business performance.

2. Identify Your Competitors’ Unique Selling Point

Another effective way to skyrocket your business results is to pay attention to your competitors’ brand mentions and customer testimonials.

You can track down every single comment or brand mention using competitive analysis tools. Find a tool that suits your needs and use it to identify and “capture” the unhappy customers that made the effort to criticize your competitors.

Provide a better solution to their problems and they’ll immediately switch sides. You can contact them using a private message, or even better, use a “fake” account to reply the comments of the unsatisfied people you’ve tracked down. Lead them straight to your brand by leaving an “unbiased” review of the solutions that your brand can potentially bring.

3. Showcase the Positive Testimonials on Your Website

What better way to leverage social media testimonials than showcasing them on your website? You see, not every potential customer will go through your social media pages, so many of them will not get to see the opinions of other customers.

Depending on how you want to display them, you can use a free screenshot app to capture the testimonials or you can write them as text and find them a good place on your site. Either way, keep in mind that 95% of online consumers are more likely to buy something after reading a trusted review.

4. Improve the Relationship Level with Your Customers

Here’s a non-written rule you should keep in mind: always reply to your customer testimonials. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. By ignoring the reviews you don’t like, you’re showing that you can’t be trusted. By neglecting the positive ones, you miss the chances of developing better trust with the customer who left the review and you’ll prove that your brand doesn’t have its customers in mind.

By consistently replying to all your reviews and brand mentions, you’ll gain the respect and loyalty of the customers who are just passing by, looking for unbiased reviews.

5. Turn the Loyal Followers into Brand Ambassadors

Replying testimonials is the first step. Getting in touch is the second. Every time you receive a quality testimonial on social media, provide a useful reply (that the masses can see) and prepare a direct pitch for the person who made the effort to share their opinion.

You can start with something like “Hey, we appreciate the time you took to review our products/services, and we’d like to get to know you better…” You don’t have to try hard – most likely, every customer who left a good review on your social pages will be open for more.”

What should you ask for? Well, for starters, you can encourage your reviewer to take a survey covering the experience they had with your site, your products, your customer support, and so on.

Or, even better, you can offer them a chance to become one of your brand ambassadors. This means they’ll receive free or discounted products, monetary compensation, or whatever you seek fit, all in exchange for their future support. The brand ambassadors’ job is to promote a business name everywhere they go, by using hashtags, sharing content, liking posts and by encouraging friends and known ones to check the brand’s products.


Without an involved community who is willing to review your brand, products, and services, demonstrating authority in the niche will be a tough responsibility. Social media networks are a goldmine for those who know how to use them properly. Treat your fans better by offering them more quality, value, and care. In time, in the long run, your well-developed customer relationships will create amazing effects that’ll change the face of your business.

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