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Analytics doesn’t always provide you with the in-depth stats and behavioral queues you need to improve the online shopping experience. Lexity has one app, Lexity Live, which allows you to observe customers browse, check out and buy in real time. Lexity Live is a free app that supports virtually ever major ecommerce platform on the market.

Here’s a breakdown of Lexity Live from their site (be sure to see the Live Demo):

  • Monitor your customer activity in real time – Lexity Live is a free website traffic analysis tool designed for ecommerce, with real-time visitor tracking. Other tools like Google Analytics can take hours to process data, too late for you to react. With Lexity Live, real-time information about current site visitors lets you watch your customers browse your web site and category pages, learn about your products from product pages, and go from checkout to purchase, all as it happens.
  • Track your store’s traffic – See how your traffic improves over time and when your peak hours of business are, while tracking where your customers are coming from and what they are looking for. View reports on unique visitors, page views, keyword trends, top referring sites, search engines, and geolocation.
  • See where your customers spend their time – What pages do your customers look at and for how long? Where are they dropping off? Find out by tracking each individual customer and seeing their realtime behavior in your ecommerce store. Detailed path and page analysis reports for unique visitors include time on site, down to the second.

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Lexity has some other paid apps that you can add on as well, including: shopping feeds, Google shopping integration, Quick Chat, Pinterest report, and Remarketing. Sign up for Lexity Live for free, though!


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