Does Advertising in Social Games Work?

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In terms of eyeballs and attention spans, no single distribution channel might compete with social gaming. People across the world spend about 200 million minutes a day playing Angry Birds. Zynga's new game, Cityville, attracted 100 million users in its first month alone. Marketers may try to snatch a piece of the gaming pie by slipping in some casual games featuring their brands, but chances are that such games would always pale in comparison to the bestsellers that have received widespread acceptance and popularity.

What is the best way for a marketer to take advantage of the gaming passion? Advertising has always been available in gaming apps, but targeting relevant ads with users who take action has been the challenge. This has been the goal of Lifestreet's Revjet advertising platform… and they are getting results.

LifeStreet provides in-app advertising with focus on Facebook, Apple (iOS) and Android applications. LifeStreet's RevJet technology platform has been built upon the world's first universal object server to optimize revenue. This technology applies iterative high velocity testing to ads, landing pages, trafficking decisions, revenue maximization algorithms or any other revenue-earning object.

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LifeStreet's RevJet optimization platform is built upon the world's first universal object server and is the product of a $25+ million software development investment. RevJet applies Iterative High Velocity Testing to any digital revenue driver, ranging from visual objects such as ads and landing pages to logical objects such as trafficking decisions and revenue maximization algorithms. RevJet is producing breakthrough monetization levels and extraordinarily high volumes of new customers for social and mobile advertisers, publishers and app developers alike. LifeStreet reaches 350 million social and mobile app users monthly and has driven over 200 million app installs. The company was named one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine and is headquartered in San Carlos, California with offices in Moscow, Odessa, and Riga.

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With a monthly reach of over 350 million social and mobile app users, LifeStreet delivers customers to advertisers. The low risk performance based pricing where the advertiser pays for results rather than clicks and has the option to pick the preferred metric from Cost Per Install (CPI), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Post Conversion Event (CPX) and so on (!), brand marketers CANNOT afford to ignore LifeStreet.. The real time customizable reporting, dedicated account managers, and other value added services are the icing on the cake.

Since LifeStreet does not run any incentivized campaigns, you receive only high-value customers, genuinely interested in your product. Download a media kit from Lifestreet Media from their site.


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    Personally, I do not like to play games that have a lot of advertisements because they load slower than other apps that might not have as many ads.  It makes sense to include an advertisement on Angry Birds for example because many people from various demographics and ages will see the ad for another game or a new search engine app; however it might not work for everyone.  I know that I have accidentally clicked on them and gotten annoyed that it redirected me to another site outside the game.  It’s a toss up in my book. 

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    I agree with Megan, I too don’t like games with advertising since they load slower.  I also do not like the interruption, especially when I feel I’m doing well and on a roll with my game.  I wonder how effective the ads are though.

    However, it is prime real estate for advertising.  Plus with certain games, you can either reach a large audience or a target a specific audience. We are seeing advertising everywhere now, in games, at the gas pump, at the ATM, etc.

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    Yes this is a nice advertising idea, but people who loves to play game with concentration may not be like this. Because advertise disturbing them while playing their favorite game. While playing the games most of the people hates advertisements.

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