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Backlinking continues to be a very, very dangerous sport. What once was the easiest method to build your ranking online can now get your site buried. Now it's become imperative that you disavow the links that are killing your search ranking – enter Link Detox, part of the family of products in LinkResearchTools.

Link Detox is a stand-alone tool that classifies a domain’s backlinks into 3 categories (toxic, suspicious, or healthy) and supports you in cleaning up your link profile. The interface of Link Detox is so easy to handle, you can discover all the malicious links to your site with a single click. Link Detox analyzes your link profile based on a variety of SEO metrics and known problematic contexts. They then provide recommendations for those toxic links.

Link Detox

You can sign up for Link Detox and execute 1 detox per month for $40.


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    It’s like you knew I was doing this tonight. Did a purge of all backlinks but to the home page of a site by switching the URLs and not 301ing them – massive PITA. It will take months but that’s why I get for dark gray hat.

    Will have to disavow for the home page

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    When I used Link Research and Link Detox I was very disappointed with the service and result. Not a lot happened, and I wasn’t given much help when I needed it. I decided to use The Link Auditors to get my backlinks sorted out after seeing very good reviews on various forums. Their service was so much better! They have a team always on hand to help you with questions or advice. Using The Link Auditors’ tools, I was able to find all my toxic links, and got them all fully removed. Jason, the team member I spoke to, was very helpful on phone support. He listened to my problems and described exactly what was wrong. Once he did this he told me which tools would work best for me.

    Using The Link Auditors’ tools, I got very detailed data, I could see exactly which links were causing me harm and I knew which links needed removing. Using their removal tool was very easy as it is fully automatic and very quick. I’ve used various different removal tools that have been available on the internet, and theirs was the best!

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      I used The Link Auditors too. They helped me so much with my audit, offering support when I needed it as well as explaining to me my problem. Thank you for posting this as I think more people should know about them. The service they offer is just fantastic, so reliable and easy to execute.

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