LinkedIn Enables Company Status Updates

linkedin company status update
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One of the things I’ve been whining about for years is that social media apps have always been built with the individual in mind and never a hierarchy for business. Business has always been a second thought as social media applications worked on their revenue streams… but never before.

Thankfully, LinkedIn has fired the first shot and enabled the ability for people within a company to update a company status, rather than an individual one. Now you can follow a company rather than an individual and see updates from that company! This is a great separation (and one that I wish Twitter would enable).

One note, in order for this to work, you’ll need to enable an Admin list on your company details page. That’s key! I added Jenn Lisak from DK New Media and thought that I would automatically be an administrator. Nope… now I’m locked out of updating my own company!

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